Site Update (Speed/Load Times)

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Hi, and thank you so much for being here!

My tech team and I have been working hard these past few weeks to get HopelessHQ’s load times down; I know it’s been a bit slow in the past and I’ve desperately wanted to fix it.

Updates that happened to the site today (10/08) –

-Each page has been optimized for mobile and desktop by downsizing images, minimizing requests, and clearing out page junk brought in by WordPress plugins.

-Updated caching plugin, optimized for boob pics

-(The most exciting update) The entire site has been moved from a shared hosting plan to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting plan.


The first 2 updates helped a lot, but after further testing, we found we needed to update our hosting package. We now are running on our very own server and the website is SO MUCH faster!

Hope you all are doing well and excited about Fall 🙂 I am stoked to post this month’s costume/cosplay photoshoots!

Much Love and Appreciation,


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