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Welcome to my sub, and thank you for choosing to consume ethically-sourced adult content! Here, you can enjoy erotic material without contributing to the dark side of the sex industry** For this reason, my Reddit posting is often inconsistent. I only post to Reddit when I feel frisky, excited, bored, or naughty. I never want Reddit to feel like a “job”… I want it to be an uplifting space where I come to tease, share my life, and talk to people from around the world!

If you’d like to learn more about who I am as a person, check out my [AMA][Instagram], and my mostly SFW [Twitter], which I fill with all my dad jokes and shower thoughts. If you’d like regular SFW updates on my personal life, my personal snapchat is [Snapchat] — Sex and masturbation are rooted in intimacy, and I think it’s sexually important, and healthy, to get to know/humanize the figures you’re jerking off to!

Reddit is the main platform I post public nudes to, but if you’d like more, and are interested in directly supporting an independent creator, these are my paid platforms:

NOTE: These are my only paid platforms! If you see any other profiles, they’re fakes. Please be safe, don’t get scammed!! All monetary values are in USD

  • [OnlyFans]: Daily NSFW selfies, pussy closeups, PPM, GIFs, voyeurism. $24.99/mo. — no commitment, stay for as little, or long, as you want!

  • [Patreon]: Thousands of HD nude photos, snapchat premium access, backlogged nudes, podcasts, polaroids, blogs, and more. Cost varies based on tier, but average visitor chooses the $20/mo. package!

  • [My Website]: Similar to Patreon with photoshoots and snapchat premium, but more explicit (HD pussy pics, butthole pics). HD photoshoots are organized in a simpler layout, which you can preview for free. Virtual Reality, and videos (including me making out with Emily Bloom). Store sells worn panties, bras, socks, polaroids, and prints (you don’t need to be a member to buy these items). Same prices as Patreon, but average visitor pays $50. I’m tellin’ ya.. those videos though***


NOTE: I don’t cam too often. For cam announcements, follow me on [Instagram] and keep an eye on my story posts!

  • [MFC]: I often cam here publicly for free during the first hour, giving life updates and chatting with everyone (think “nude twitch”). During the second hour, I do a closed show, where viewers could pay to watch.

  • [CAMSODA]: My shows here are 30 minutes and $5 to join. I do two unique 30 minute shows, back-to-back!

Hmm, I think that’s everything. Sorry if that was super long! I just get these questions a lot and figured I should just make a pinned post.

I think it’s important to say, even if you can’t afford to support an adult model (whether it’s for financial reasons, or not making your wife mad lol) I appreciate you being here, and sharing this experience with me. When I first posted to reddit, I didn’t even know about monetization, so don’t worry about it!

A huge thank you to people who have watched me grow from the beginning. I didn’t even know this industry existed, I was just posting my nudes online one night because I was lonely and looking for strangers to chat with. I’ve modeled with really cool publishers like Playboy and Penthouse, traveled the world working with renowned photographers… I’m even in museums! Super weird, but really cool.

Since I work from home, I’m able to train traumatized and reactive dogs. I’ve been able to volunteer with rescued foxes and wolves. I’ve been able to cover the vet expenses of animals outside of my care. I was able to financially assist my cousin while she was hospice, my mom after two of her cars were stolen, and live inside a Korean animal shelter for a week, rehabilitating dogs with PTSD. These are enriching life experiences that shaped how I view the world, and I couldn’t express enough how much you all changed my life… all with an upvote.

Thank you, you’re the best. I hope you smile (and cum? lol) today.


 **Even if you aren’t paying for unethical porn directly, clicks and ad revenue fuel an aggressive system that negatively affects everyone. Please be mindful, and follow creators directly 🙂

***If my website is basically the same thing as Patreon, but better, why mention Patreon at all? Because Patreon is a platform people already trust. Some (understandably) don’t want to risk a young website handling their transactions. All transactions done on my website are through a trusted and secure payment gateway; I never get access to any of your personal information!

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