welcome, bitches

If you’re reading this, then you deserve a huge personal thank you. I genuinely appreciate you being a part of the successes here at Hopeless Headquarters.  This website was a secret project I’ve been eager to launch for months now, and it’s finally here!

This site extends far beyond a simple platform to host my work… it’s a space featuring my interests, thoughts, stories, humor, and humanity… oh, and my pets.

So welcome, welcome! Hope you have your tissues ready, whether it’s for the tear-jerks, or the hand-jerks!

Thank you for supporting me as both a growing artist, and a growing individual.

My heart and gratitude went into writing this sappy intro, so if you’ve made it this far, I present you your first Hope’s Easter Egg. All you have to do is click here.

You’ll find Easter eggs (and hints on where to find them) scattered throughout the site as you learn more About Me. For now, scroll down!

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